The Seals’ Tomorrow Depends on What You Do Today

Promote a better world beyond your lifetime by including the Seal Conservancy in your estate plan. We invite you to join those who have already committed to improve and enrich the lives of our beloved seals by making a bequest to the Seal Conservancy.

The Seal Conservancy is known for its commitment to effective programs that make a real difference in Seals’ lives. A gift from your estate to the Seal Conservancy can provide ongoing financial support for one or more Seal Conservancy service areas, as if you were continuing to make annual contributions in perpetuity.07-14-14_Roxy


How to Include the Seal Conservancy

You can include the Seal Conservancy in your estate plans in many ways – most commonly by making a gift in a will or adding to a will by a document known as a codicil.

Alternately, you might choose to make the Seal Conservancy the beneficiary of a retirement plan or insurance policy. In most cases, your gift should be directed to “the Seal Conservancy.”

Here are a few examples of language for your Estate Adviser to consider:

  • For a general gift of a certain percentage or portion of the estate: “I give to The Seal Conservancy one-fourth of my property.”
  • For a gift of a specific asset: “I give 500 shares of XYZ stock to the Seal Conservancy.”
  • For a contingent bequest, which takes effect only upon the meeting of certain conditions: “In the event my spouse does not survive me, I give to the Seal Conservancy XYZ amount.”
  • For a residual bequest, which directs all or a portion of whatever remains after all other required amounts are paid: “I give the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate to the Seal Conservancy.”


How the Seal Conservancy Benefits

Undesignated gifts provide us the flexibility to direct your funds to the Seal Conservancy programs with the greatest need. Alternatively, you may be able to personalize your legacy through a named fund. The separately identified fund could bear your name, your family’s name, or the name of a loved one. The Seal Conservancy will work with you and your advisers to prepare a customized testamentary gift agreement that memorializes your intent. The minimum amount to establish a fund is US $50,000.


For More Information

If you would like to know more about giving options, you may email us at

Always consult independent tax and/or legal advisers prior to making any charitable gift.