Pup News 2013

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1. February 9, 2013Ellery – First pup of the 2013 pupping season, she was born during the night.

2. February 10, 2013Sala – Second pup. Black, very small, ribs showing. Sala is a Hebrew word meaning peace.

3. February 12, 2013Bobby – Third pup, black. He may have been born high on the beach away from colony in the morning. Mother took him for a swim soon after birth. Normal body shape – looks to have adequate weight at birth.

4. February 16, 2013Bijou – French for jewel.

5. February 17, 2013Sara

6. February 17, 2013Tori –  born at 5 pm. Pup is black and mom is brown and spotted.

7. February 17, 2013Surya – Markings are white with black spots.

8. February 18, 2013Pip

9. February 18, 2013Casita B.



10. February 18, 2013Neptune, born at 1:25 pm. and named for the king of the deep. Dark gray with speckles. Onlookers applauded mother and pup.

11. February 19, 2013Ginger – born during the night.

12. February 18, 2013Poseidon

13. February 19, 2013Helena

14. February 19, 2013Yuki

15. February 19, 2013Joy

16. February 19, 2013Captain Paul

17. February 20, 2013Jean

18. February 21, 2013Sloan was born at 1:05 pm

19. February 24, 2013Rocky‘s mother was never seen but he has survived by ‘stealing’ milk from sleepy mothers. Black and a scrambler!

20. February 28, 2013Jordan was born early in the afternoon.

21. February 28, 2013Axel is relatively big for a newborn and is dark. His mom is a big golden, beige and yellow seal. Axel is a Nordic name for ‘the peacemaker’.

22. March 1, 2013Hope born in early morning – dark black

23. March 3, 2013Robb was born at 2:20 pm

24. March 3, 2013Mija was named after a little girl who is visiting from France and was lucky enough to witness the birth!

Mama on the Go!


25. March 4, 2013Shalom

26. March 4, 2013Pahana was born at 7:30 pm and he and his mom were flushed just a few hours later, resulting in their getting separated.  Luckily, Pahana was rescued on March 12th by SeaWorld Marine Mammal Rescue.  Unluckily, we later learned that he passed away on March 19 🙁

27. March 7, 2013Onyx

28. March 9, 2013Sauvage, a French word meaning “fierce”. Pup is medium gray while mother is gray speckled. Close bonding noted during the next few days.

29. March 9, 2013Sandy

30. March 10, 2013Pesky‘s birth came at 6:05 pm.  He is black, fiesty, and very active.  Mom had to use her flippers to guide him into position to nurse.

31. March 11, 2013Apollo

32. March 13, 2013Midnight‘s birth took place around 3am and was seen on the Seal Cam.

33. March 14, 2013Naches was born.

34. March 18, 2013Larry was born in the early afternoon to the delight of dozens of onlookers.

35. March 18, 2013Spunky

36. March 18, 2013Filly

37. March 19, 2013Victor

38. March 19, 2013Ariel  – which means “celebration of life”

39. March 20, 2013 L’Chaim was born, named in honor of life itself.