Pup News 2011

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2011 Births

1. February 3, 2011. Little Peril, a sliver pup with a large silver mom, was born sometime in the wee hours of the morning at the Casa Beach Rookery in La Jolla. The baby seems very strong; she  swam in the shallow water most of the day coming on shore only for a brief moment of nursing. The mom is very attentive, and the pup can often be seen riding on his mom’s back while swimming.

2. February 5, 2011. A Pup was born, but is missing.

3. February 7, 2011. Peace was born and has black, shiny skin.

4. February 8, 2011. Trouble was born in the early morning hours. He is bigger than most newborns and is also dark.

5. February 13, 2011. Love appeared overnight and is also dark.

6. February 14, 2011. Bear with a very light cream colored mottled coat was reported abandoned later that day.

7. February 17, 2011. Arthur was born late in the morning and has very dark features. Mom had him in the water shortly thereafter.

8. February 18, 2011. Lambert was born early morning. dark coloring.

9. February 19, 2011. Hope came overnight, unobserved except for the reddish spots in the sand. Very black.

10. February 19, 2011. Sneaky came overnight, unobserved except for the reddish spots in the sand. Very black.

11. February 20, 2011. Spot born early in the morning, very dark color.

12. February 20, 2011. Kylee was born in the mid-afternoon at 3:15 pm, brown coloring very prominent. Mother and pup touched noses.

13. February 21, 2011. Flipper was born overnight with a distinctive dark top and a silver underbelly.

14. February 22, 2011. Cherie slipped out during the night unobserved until the morning. Small in size and lightly colored fur.

15. February 23, 2011. Midnight was an overnight appearance. Reddish spot in sand noted.

16. February 24, 2011. Snowflake born at 7:30 am.

17. February 24, 2011. Orgone appeared at 2:30 in the afternoon.

18. February 25, 2011. Popcorn popped out overnight unobserved – dark coloring.

19. February 25, 2011. Licorice was born overnight – black coloring.

20. February 26, 2011. Piper was born at 4 pm. Early bonding with mother by smelling and touching noses.

21. February 27, 2011. Molly was born near the bluff at 3:45PM, very black. She began to wander away from her mother toward the water shortly after birth, but mother ran after her and bonding began.

22. March 2, 2011. At 10:15, Inspiration made her appearance. She was very dark and the lucky observers clapped a warm welcome to her.

23. March 2, 2011. We didn’t see her birth because Lisa was born overnight, with a very dark coat.

24. March 3, 2011. Aiden joined the growing nursery on the beach at 4:15 pm.

25. March 3, 2011. We were surprised the next morning with the appearance of Surprise. She is also very dark, almost black.

26. March 3, 2011. We had another unobserved birth, a pup named Dave.

27. March 3, 2011. This day brought us Joy late in the morning at 10:10 am.

28. March 3, 2011. #5 for the day is Precious who is small and dark.

29. March 4, 2011. Cashmere was identified as another pup born during the night.

30. March 5, 2011. Little Brother came along in the night unobserved. Named by a five year old out of town visitor.

31. March 6, 2011. Unobserved birth. Christened Christy by a late afternoon visitor.

32. March 7, 3011. Mystic was there when we arrived, an overnight birth.

33. March 7, 2011. Seashell has a shiny black coat and is quite active.

34. March 8, 2011. Smokey was born in the late afternoon showing a dark brown coat.

35. March 11, 2011. Tsunami is a black-coated pup born at 3:46 pm on the day we were all looking at the large waves coming from Japan after the terrible earthquake.

36. March 14, 2011. In the early morning Twilight was spotted among the growing numbers of pups.

37. March 14, 2011. Not to be outdone for the day, we were graced with Luke at 11:09 am – observed by a handful of lucky visitors.

38. March 16, 2011. Chaos was born overnight  and named for the active waves splashing around the seawall which was closed to foot traffic because of the danger of being washed overboard!