Shared Use

Much has been said about the City of San Diego’s “shared use” policy at Casa Beach. Thanks to the new laws in place to protect the seals, combined with the presence of the City’s Park Ranger five days a week, the shared use policy is working.

But what exactly does “shared use” mean?

Non-Pupping Season Months (May 16 to December 14)

If there are seals on the beach (May 16 to December 14)

If there are seals on the beach during the non-pupping season months (May 16 to December 14), you are allowed to go down on to the sand and encouraged to watch the seals from behind the City’s viewing guideline rope.  Access to the water is permitted, and recommended along the east bluff in situations like the photo below.

people behind the rope 12-29-2012 #1c


Pupping Season Months (December 15 to May 15)

Casa Beach is closed to the public during the harbor seal pupping season, December 15 to May 15 annually.  People are not allowed on the sand during pupping season.  This is to protect the mother seals and their newborn pups during the time when they are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of unintended harassment by visitors.  Enjoy the thrill of watching these marine mammals in their natural habitat from the mid-landing, or the sidewalk, or the gazebo at street level above the beach.