Pup News 2008

Carter born 2.10.08

2008 Births

1. February 10. Probably born c.9 PM about midway across the beach and close to the water line. Big dark pup, healthy looking-mother large and dark. Named Carter.

2. February 15. Born early hours of the morning, on part of beach straight up from where the Submerged Rock is located. Pup is small, light colored with lots of yellow; mother medium sized, golden in color. Named Ryan.

3. February 16. About 1:25 PM, almost at the waterline immediately inboard from the standing rock. Large, quite dark pup, mother large and brown. Named Angel.

4. February 17. Born 4:30 AM straight inland from the Submerged Rock, about 25 feet from the sea wall. Small, gray pup; mother large, brownish, with cloudy right eye. Named Omama.

5. February 17. 5:15 PM, Born center of the beach, medium sized and grayish. Named Hiram.

6. February 19. Born about 15 feet from the bottom stair out toward the water. Pup large and black; mother also large and black. Named McCoy.

7. February 19. Born overnight near the foot of the stairs going down to the beach to the left. Pup medium, chubby, yellowish with black face and flippers Super cute. Named E.T.

8. February 20. Pup small and dark; mother medium sized. Named Tiger.

9. February 20. 6:15 PM Born just in front of the Standing Rock, not far from the waterlines. Named Lunar.

10. February 21. Born about 12:15 PM in the very center of the beach, witnessed by a crowd of people. No one realized there was a birth happening until the mother moved around a bit to reveal a pup and afterbirth. Pup is large and dark gray; mother is large, brown with spots and a faint mask around her eyes. Named Sammy.

11. February 21. Born c. 2:30 pm near the seal wall about half between the high water mark and the water. Small, dark grey pup; mother small. Named Rambo.

12. February 22. Born 5:15 PM between stairs going down to the beach and the standing rock. Witnessed by hundreds of visitors. Pup medium size, solid grey; mother large, light brown with some spots. Named Lulu.

13. February 24. Born between 4-5 AM about twenty feet from the sea well and 20 feet from the Submerged Rock. Dark, grey pup. Named Boeing 13 because “it flew out so fast” and is #13.

14. February 24. Born 1 PM in the middle of the beach. Very small pup born fully encased in its placenta. The mother kept nudging it; the pup moved twice and then died. It was a natural death. Waves washed the pup out to sea.

15. February 25. Born c.6:30 AM center beach up by the highwater line. Small black pup with white stomach; mother medium size, mostly brown. Named Stormy.

16. February 27. Born early morning on part of beach slightly towards Submerged Rock from the center of the beach. Gray pup, medium sized; mother also medium sized gray. Named Hailey.

17. February 27. Born 2:30 PM near the sea wall and a little up on the beach from the waterline. Small black pup, mother medium sized, gray. Named J.J.

18. February 27. Born 4:40 PM. Smokey grey pup, mother large, brown and spotted. Named Campbell.

19. February 27. Born 5.00 PM, another smokey grey pup, mother large, brown and spotted. Name Layla.

(#18 and #19 are remarkable in that they were born near the same spot on the same day – and they look like they could be twins, as do their mothers.)

20. February 28. Born during the night high on the beach near the center, not far from the births of #18 and #19. Light gray pup. Named Herbert.

21. February 28. Born during the night high on the beach near the center. Dark pup. Named Chipmunk.

22. February 28. Born 2:30 PM in the middle of the beach about 20 feet from the sea wall. Gray pup, darker on top; mother light, large. Named Binnie.

23. February 29. Born overnight close to the bluff between the stairs and the Standing Rock. Dark, medium sized pup with a large, dark mom. The pup is named Roberta in honor of our long-standing dedicated volunteer, Roberta Wolff.

24. February 29. Born overnight about 20 feet straight out from the stairs. A small gray pup with light stomach, mother medium sized, mostly brown. The pup is named Otis.

25. February 29. Born 12:10 PM near Standing Rock and shoreline. Witnessed by dozens of visitors.  A small gray pup, medium sized mother, dark with light spots on top. Named Dawn.

26. March 2. Born overnight in about the center of the beach. Pup dark with light stomach. Named Gaza.

27. March 3. M & M was born overnight to the bravest seal we know, Satin Doll.  Her pup is light brown (almost yellow) with a light stomach.

28. March 4. Born overnight by the sea wall. Dark gray pup with silver stomach, mother large, silver. Named Zyanya.

29. March 4. Daisy was born overnight near the Standing Rock. She is a small, very yellow pup with a large silver mom.

30. March 4. Born c. 5.00 PM about halfway between the water and the big rock at the bottom of the stairs. Medium sized, dark pup, mother good sized, brown. Named Vern.

31. March 7. Born at 2:35 PM  about 30 feet straight up the beach from the Submerged Rock and about 25 feet from the sea wall. Mostly light grey, medium sized  pup, mother large brown, with white spots on her back. Named Eliott.

32. March 7. Born 4:35 PM about 20 feet out onto the beach from the foot of the stairs. Very cute, strong pup, black, spotted stomach; mother large brown, with a small mask around her eyes. Named Ebony.

33. March 8. Born 3:30 AM, middle of the beach below the high water mark. Dark pup with very large brown mother. Named Noma.

34. March 9. Born overnight straight toward the seawall from the bottom of the stair about one third of the way across the beach. Light pup, large mother. Named Bryan.

35. March 12. Dark pup, no information on mother. Named Jupiter.

36. March 12. Light pup, no information on mother. Named Mars.

37. March 19. Born overnight. Fairly big, light silvery pup, large blackish patch on the left side of the head, big blackish back flippers, with large, dark brown mother. Named Joy.

38. March 21. Dark pup, brown mother. Named Spring.

38. March 22. Born next to the sea wall and halfway between the rope and the water. A small pup, dark gray; mother medium sized, very dark brown. Named Paty.

40. March 30. 7:30 AM near the rope in the center of the beach. Pup small, lightly colored, silver white with black head. Mother medium sized, brown/golden color. Named Candy.

41. April 1. c 7:30 PM between the rope and the Standing Rock about 25 feet from the bluff. A large, lanky pup with light grey lanugo, black tail and black cap, mother medium sized, very light brown, almost golden. Named April.

42. April 5. Born during the night on the beach between the Standing Rock and Submarine Rock. Named Jellybean.